Help, I’m drowning!

July 31, 2008

There just doesn’t seem to be an end in site!  It’s been nearly a week since we’ve been home and I’m run off my feet.  I think I need a vacation in order to recover from the vacation…..

Our trip was great in many ways.  The scenery and wildlife of the Yukon is fantastic! Even the colors seem brighter somehow.  The people are so friendly and interesting!  People who can make their life in the harsher and more rugged world of the north seem to have just a slightly different quality about them.  I don’t think I met a single person who wasn’t completely fascinating and surprising.  

I miss Yukon time.  Time seemed more relaxed there.  That doesn’t mean that people don’t work hard and have appointments and deadlines, because they do, but it isn’t always such a defined black-white line.  11 am doesn’t necessarily mean exactly  11am.  It means 10:55-11:10 am.  11am-ish.  I like the ish.  I want to live in ishland.  

I also miss the morning coffee breaks with Esther’s neighbours.  Each weekday morning at 10 am(ish), everyone who can make it gets together in the tiny kitchen at the Motel across the road from Esther’s house for a coffee break.   It’s great coffee, yes, and occasionally a fantastic fresh baked treat as well, but it is the people and the laughter I miss the most.  Esther and Kent have carved themselves a fabulous life in little Mayo filled with equally fabulous people.  What a treat it was to be included in all their lives for the 10 days we were visiting there, and what a void was left in my life when we had to go. 

One thing I don’t miss is the stomach flu we picked up.  UCK!  It’s amazing what a teeny tiny little bug can do to us.  The kids were all sick in Mayo, Sean included, poor little tyke.  He spent the entire day throwing up and crying….ALL day.  Then the runs for three days afterwards.  The last of the sores on his poor little tush are still healing.  He got sick again when we left and were in Whitehorse, and my stomach revolted there as well.  So we spent an extra day there.  Then we stopped at Liard Hotsprings on our way home.  That’s where Gavin got sick.  We spent three nights there to give him time to recuperate.  The kids were ecstatic!  Not that their Dad was sick, mind you, just that they got to spend so much extra time at the hot springs.  Sean got sick again when we got home but there hasn’t been any sign of problems since.   Gawd, I hate stomach flu!

Since we’ve been home, I’ve hardly had time to sit down, and frankly, typing and running like crazy isn’t a feat I’ve managed to accomplish yet, despite my many amazing talents.  I’m still trying to get the trailer cleaned up and my house is a wreck!   My work for the church sure piled up while I was gone too.  All in all, Life didn’t take a break while we did, it seems to have kicked into high gear and I’m running as fast as I can, trying to keep my feet underneath me and doing all I can just to keep from landing on my face in the middle of the road.

So forgive me my friends, I do want to tell you all about the amazing things we saw and did on our trip, but it will be a little bit in coming.  I also need to come and visit each of you, perhaps at coffee time. 😉  I’m trying.



  1. Take your time, darlin’. There is no hurry.

  2. We are a patient crowd…. anticipation is half the enjoyment….. welcome backish by the way.

    You all need lots of patience when it comes to me it seems! Thanks for the welcome back 🙂


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