Ten Text Messages You Should Ignore

July 21, 2008

The guest post for today is from Annie of Writer Chick Talks. Many of you are already familiar with her blog in which she approaches a wide variety of topics with intelligence and wit.  Those of you who haven’t been to her site yet had better skedaddle on over there!  She has been a mentor for me and none of these guests posts would have happened without her help.  I consider her a friend and a very special person in my cyber-life.  Thank you so much for everything Annie! 

Ummm…why are ya’ll still here?  Go visit Annie!


Ten Text Messages You Should Ignore


1. “I have the money and I’ve buried the body.” (Clearly a case of mistaken identity)

2. “My mother has the perfect match for you.” (Nobody’s mother has the perfect match for you.)

3. “Work from home and make $4,000 a week!” (Yeah, and Bob’s your uncle.)

4. “You have been selected to be a mystery shopper!” (The mystery to me is who are these people?)

5. “I know what you did in the lunchroom. Meet me there at 2 o’clock.” (Are they going to blackmail you for eating Joe’s sandwich?)

6. “Aren’t you the same girl I stalked last summer?” (Jeez, if your own stalker doesn’t remember you, what’s the point?)

7. “You may have the winning number for Publisher’s House Sweepstakes!” (I may also be a decendent to Louis XIV.)

8. “You have just won a free laptop!” (Are you sure you don’t mean, lap dance?)

9. “Somebody has a crush on you.” (Probably the forgetful stalker.)

10. “I think somebody is trying to break into your apartment.” (Probably the nosey neighbor who has discovered they can’t get into your apartment to snoop around and are hoping to spy on you as you input your security, when you rush home from work to see if anybody’s broken in.)



  1. After reading this delightful post, I could really use a free lap dance.

  2. true true

  3. LOL, I bet you could. 🙂

  4. LMAO…where have you been hiding these??? I’m gonna be giggling all day…

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