An empty chair

July 16, 2008

Hello. My name is Spaz and I as well was invited to leave a guest post here at the cabin in the sky. One of my favourite things to in summer is to sit by the edge of lake Ontario in the evening and wait until it gets dark. Then most people leave and it’s only me, the water, the sky and the summer night air. Below an attempt to describe what it felt like the first time:

I could feel lonely and cold out here, sitting at the end of the empty pier, with the vast lake’s deep breath roaring in my ears while its surface lays down a rolling blanket of eerie darkness around me. The concrete ground which lends me its seat is still warm, but soon even those remnants of the sun will be gone and night will take over completely.

How good it feels to lay the day’s thoughts to rest and let the waves wash away the last imprints! Above, seagulls dance around the red harbour light, and for a moment it seems that one can hear the drunken song of long passed mariners screeching from their beaks.

So no, lonely is unfitting for this newly discovered scenery which welcomes me into its midst, and even though the inviting gesture lacks sociable warmth, I accept it gladly, just like a virgin sailor would accept the nod of a weathered seaman towards an empty chair.




  1. Great job Spaz. I really felt like I was there. I love the way that you set a mood.

    Are we guest writers supposed to answer the comments? Oh well, you did it, and so I will. Thanks so much Evyl, I’m glad I was successful in sharing the mood. Spaz

  2. Images dance.
    Love it.
    Pure Spaz.
    Can it get any better?
    (yeah, if I was siting there beside you . . . :0))

    I feel a sequel coming on. “Then there were two fighting for one chair…..” 😉 . Thanks M, I need to get back to writing like this, I miss it too. Spaz

  3. You have a beautiful way with words!

    Thank you very much Aprilwine, much appreciated. Spaz

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