An Evyl Guest Post

July 12, 2008

By Pure Evyl

Frankly I was surprised when Jen invited me to do a guest post on her blog. I was also quite honored. This post will seem like a departure for some but a few people will recognize it. It is from another little blog venture of mine. Hopefully this won’t ruin my reputation too bad.

Into The Cold

I sat in the cafe watching the steam rise from the cup of coffee sitting in front of me. I picked up the cup in order to take that first test sip in order to gauge it’s heat. Over the rim of the cup, I caught a vision from my past.

There she sat chatting and laughing happily with a friend. Almost twenty years had come and gone since I last saw her. My mind drifted back to that night long ago when we parted. I remember the sound of her crying in the dark and I remember my confusion and sorrow as I walked out into the cold. She wanted what I could not give and I wanted that which I could not have.

As the echo of the memory played through my mind, I finished the last sip of coffee. I left the money for the coffee and a tip for the waitress on the table. She did not see me sitting there and paid no notice as I slipped quietly out the side door.

As I drove down the road, I thought of how time holds still for no one. I have found the love that I thought that I could never accept. I hope she has found the one that could give back all the love that she deserved. Maybe I am a coward for not going up to her and seeing how she was doing after all these years yet once again I walked out in confusion into the cold. Some things never change.



  1. Aw, this is one of my all time favorite posts of yours. And you’re right, some things don’t change. But you were able to catch another prism of that part of your life and see things in a different light, yes? Maybe that’s what you needed.

    It is a moment in time. Sometimes it’s nice to have these moments wrote down. This post always seems so unlike me. But it was a moment. – Evyl

  2. evyl, this doesn’t ruin your rep at all. as a freaky, twisted person myself, I am fully aware that freaky types have rich, storied emotional lives full of moments like that, where it’s better to just let the past stay in the past than it is to confront it all over again.

    Thanks, Dok. I appreciate that. – Evyl

  3. See, I knew there was some ‘Non-evil’ in you! 😉

    Just a little. – Evyl

  4. See? this is the side people don’t see a lot of…a good side..not that there’s anything wrong with other side either…there is far more “non evyl” than some realise..perhaps they prefer the evyl? i love both sides myself…

    I guess that I am just going soft in my old age. But not too soft. 😉 – Evyl

  5. Nothing wrong with a little softness. We’re all only human after all. This was a great post. I don’t think it ruins your reputation, either. Just gives us a glimpse into another facet of your personality. We like that. 🙂

    Thanks, darlin’. I thank you from the bottom of my cold black heart. 😉 – Evyl

  6. I love this piece Evyl! Of course I want to know more! 😉

    Shoot me an e-mail and I will give you all you can handle darlin’. – Evyl

  7. Dude, you continue to astound me.
    I loved the “feel” of this post.
    You need to write more stuff like this, IMHO
    Wonderful. (a word seldom used in my comments on Evyl)

    Thanks, dude. I appreciate that. – Evyl

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