Six little words driving me mad

June 25, 2008

Well, ~m tagged me for a meme, which is something I’ve done a good job of avoiding up ’till now.  Thanks Michael! 😛  Bookbabie started this idea of writing a memoir in six words.  Six itty bitty little words to describe yourself and your life.  One little sentence about you.  Sounds easy right?  Not as easy as it would seem there bud!  I’ve decided not to tag anyone else with this torturous fun exercise, but instead will leave it to each of you to decide for yourself if you want to put yourselves through hell try it yourself or not.

I’ve struggled with this.  I visited others also tagged with this meme to see what they came up with.  It didn’t help.  If anything it made it worse for me as everyone seemed to effortlessly come up with the perfect combination of words to describe themselves.  I started wondering what the devil my problem was.  I called my family in to help.  They weren’t a lot of help.  

So then I went to my thinking place.  The last place in the world I have any quiet reflective time at all, even if it is only for 5 min a day ~ the shower.  It was there that I thought about Mr. Man and my oldest son being gone for the remainder of the week.  I came up with this little gem of alliteration:  Missing my Mr. Man.  Melancholy me.

Okay, not knock you over great, but a start at least.  Unfortunately the hot water ran out and that was it for the great thinking spot.  Fast forward to tonight and I’m desperately trying to string exactly six words together and thinking about all the beautiful profound sentences I’ve been reading lately.  I found myself making a wish:  I wish I’d think profound thoughts.

Just at that moment, Superbabe hit another milestone, climbing onto the couch all by himself for the first time.  I quickly wrote down Baby getting mobile.  Life forever changed.  I lamented that nothing ever stays the same with kids for long, rapidly followed with this:  Once I knew it all, everything changed.

In the end though, I think this little gem penned by my daughter sums life in this house up best.  I only wish I could lay claim to it.  Oh wait, I already have.  Nevermind.

Live in a house.  It’s pink.



  1. You have some really good ones.
    i like “Once I knew it all…”

    That is definately profound.

    Thanks C. Just the encouragement I needed. 🙂
    Welcome to my little cabin.


  2. I love ALL of these. All of them.
    Pink. Mah-velous!

    Welcome Red! It’s nice to see you here. 🙂
    My daughter picked the color when she was three. It was the only month of her life that I think she ever liked the color pink. lol


  3. I can certainly relate to your last six words. Everything changes.

    Which really is the kicker. If anything would stay the same for any amount of time, I might actually look like I know what I’m doing! :mrgreen:

  4. Great little collection of memes, many of us had trouble narrowing it down, I finally just went with how I felt at the moment! Thanks for playing:)

    It really is a good little meme. Challenging, but good. 🙂


  5. I love them all.

    Like you, I struggled to find 6 widdle words.

    I enjoyed your entries for this meme as well. I just couldn’t fit everything in, and as soon as I was tagged I knew that was going to be my problem. lol


  6. Oh Jen,
    I love them all. But the superbabe one, really stuck. It does change everything, doesn’t it? Great job, sweetie.

    Hi Annie,

    I know it’s not really what the meme is all about, but I just couldn’t do this without sharing the context. Well I could have, but then you would have wondered what had happened to my senseless ramblings……. 😛


  7. Baby getting mobile. Life forever changed.
    I think that is totally profound, personally.
    Wonderful job, kiddo.
    Thanks for the linkback as well.

    Thanks for this ~m. This was a very challenging exercise for me, so it was probably just what I needed. 🙂 Despite all my rumblings, I’m very glad you thought of me for this.


  8. I had 2 pop straight into my mind, but I think it would have been scrambled had I tried to do any more…
    Great job!

    Well your brain is probably still recuperating from all those questions it had to think up! I’m impressed you came up with those two as it is! 😆 I haven’t commented on your 6 words, but I’ve gone to look and read them often. I just can’t figure out what to say about them. (I despise seeming like a parrot of what everyone else has already said. 🙂 )

    Thanks for the visit Mum!

  9. Oh I love those saying 🙂 and thak you for stooping by my site 🙂

    Thank you Kaylee. 🙂


  10. I found these to be really clever, hilarious, and, yes, profound. 🙂

    Sometimes making people laugh is as good as making them think. And, if you can do both at once, then you have a very powerful tool at your disposal!

    Yes, it is a powerful tool indeed. Unfortunately I just don’t have a quick enough mind to do that very often. In normal conversation I seldom get two days to puzzle out a witty answer to anything….

    You should try this one Kim! It is quite a brain stretcher, or at least it was for me. 😉


  11. Seriously, now that you made me think about it, who on earth comes up with such a demonic idea to squeeze life, more importantly our beautiful, vibrant, ever changing life, into 6 words.

    Must be the daftest thing I’ve ever heard. Simplifying things is one thing but this?

    Anyway, absolutely love how you affront the task and by playing along the human way, and show the world how our lives at any time are worth more than (one bunch of) six words.

    Well done Jennifer, well done. They are all – perfect.


    Well I guess Hemmingway was able to do it, but I’m no Hemmingway! :mrgreen:

  12. Have to go back to Google, thought Hemmingway wrote a story in 6 words, not a memoir? Wanna have a go?

    😉 .

    PS. Re your e-mail, I’m in. Just let me know how this works.

    I guess I will admit to just going by what others have claimed. I’m not a Hemmingway fan. *blush*

    E-mail on it’s way….


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