June 23, 2008

I have been compiling a list of things I need to say lately, and the list keeps getting longer and longer and I’m finding that I’m running out of time to put these thoughts down.  So, without further ado, here is my catch-up post full of all the little tidbits I want to get to.

First order of business is to thank A-Mum.  She has been busy e-mailing short interviews out to anyone who has put their hands up and then posting the answers on her site.  She has compiled the perfect list of questions for each person, and has done a wonderful job of making each and every one of her interviewees realize that they are important and special.  Check it out.  I guarantee that you will find more links to add to your daily reading list!  She is currently on interview #5, (which happens to be mine 😆 ), with a total of over 20 to do! Thanks Mum, for all your hard work and kind words!

Next, I wanted to introduce some of you to a few new faces on my blog roll.  To start with, there is Yelling Human.  This one has been started by a young woman with some big ideas.  She is smart, articulate, and if anyone will change society with a blog, it will be her.  She is also extremely busy as a student, with work, and in other areas of her life.  I am hoping that by highlighting her beginning to blogging that we can draw her back to her writing.  Please visit and leave a comment so that she will know that you were there.

Next on the highlight list is Pioneer Woman.  This highlight is purely for you and your enjoyment.  This is one fun blog!  The author has something for everyone, whether it is great stories, photography, recipes, or give aways.  I never fail to laugh when I visit there, and who doesn’t like to laugh?

Next is Jo at The Road Less Travelled.  She weaves stories and pictures with a picturesque and poetic style that leaves me breathless.  This is definitely one of those “quality over quantity” sites, and each new posting is well worth any wait.

Finally, I want you to all know about Young Warrior.  This is the grandson of another blogger on my list, Matty at Running on Empty.  He uses the handle of Mr. T, and Matty often talks on her blog of him and his sister, as she is their guardian.  Mr. T.  has spent the past 80 some days in the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children and has been undergoing chemotherapy in preparation for a bone marrow transplant in hopes of curing his leukemia.  As there always is in these situations, he has had many ups and downs.  Even if you visit none of the other links I’ve highlighted here, please visit Mr. T and Matty and leave them some words of encouragement to help them along on their journey.

I think that is it for tonight.  Tomorrow I have a tag sent to me by ~m at Smoke and Mirrors to contend with, but that is for tomorrow.  

Goodnight all!



  1. Thank you so incredibly much for the shout out. 🙂

    I have so many ideas that I want to work on – I’m definitely hoping to sit down and write them out soon.

    Wow! That didn’t take you long! I just hit the submit button a minute ago! LOL

    Well, I hope that this generates some traffic for you, so you better get writing! 😉


  2. Oh thanks for the link hon! That was sweet..by the time I’m finished I’ll be asking questions in my sleep I think? Only 2 lots to go thank heavens…
    It took off and morphed into a new life form!! Who knew?? Not me that’s for sure!
    Thanks again

    Yes, your interview idea certainly has become very popular! Blog fodder for years, right? lol You have so many readers now mum, next time you’ll have to keep your interviews to one question instead of ten… 😉


  3. I’ll be waiting . . . 😉

    I’m working on it…. 🙂


  4. Hey Jen,
    Wow, just what I need, more blogs to read. No, seriously, I do. I will definitely check out your new blog buddies. I have crossed paths with Jo before and had lost her url, so I was glad to see it up there.

    PS: I look forward to your memoir, mine goes up weds.;)

    Enjoy Annie. I’m having some problems with my memoir. 😦 I was hoping to have it up this evening, but I’m just not finding it such an easy assignment. Again, needing that meditation space…. lol


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